I am a filmmaker and founder of Forward Frame Media, a brand new, cutting edge, comprehensive media and documentary production company focused on progressive issues and campaigns. We are an affordable and effective partner for nonprofits, campaigns, startups, and change-makers who want to tell their story and get their message out.

My goal is to ensure nonprofits and others trying to do good in the world get their story out through video. I am a one man film crew all the way through preproduction, production, and post production.

My work includes “About Us”, campaign, “Call to Action”, documentary, narrative, and commercial video.

I have a Master’s degree in Political Communication and a Bachelor’s degree in Film and Media Arts from American University. My latest documentary, I Approve this Message, premiered at the Alexandria Film Festival.

I grew up in New York City’s Upper West Side, where I developed a passion for filmmaking, media, and politics and now I have combined all of these interests into a career that allows me to fight for causes and change.

Feel free to check out some of my videos and photos around the site.

If you have any questions or would like to speak further, send me an email at jessems42@gmail.com.